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MacLitriú is an advanced spelling checker for macOS that helps you correct typos and spelling mistakes as you type in Irish.

MacLitriú is an Irish Language spelling checker for macOS 10.11 to 10.13. With MacLitriú, a broken red line will appear under any word that is not spelt correctly. The software will then present you with various options to correct the misspelt word.

The dictionaries used in MacLitriú, which contain over 332,000 words, are based on hunspell-gaeilge by Kevin P. Scannell. We are grateful to Kevin for making his software freely available under the GNU GPL. For more information on Kevin's fantastic work, visit

MacLitriú works in all of these popular Mac apps, plus all other apps that use macOS's core spelling checker system.

Please note that MacLitriú does not work with any application in the Microsoft Office Suite; including Word, Excel and Powerpoint

MacLitriú is not compatible with macOS Mojave due to major changes in the system and has therefore been removed from sale. If you have macOS 10.13 or earlier, please email us for the file.