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Translation technology empowers Snasta to complete translations more quickly and more accurately at a lower cost.

Translation Technology

Terminology Management, Translation Memory, Project Management

At Snasta, we stay at the cutting edge of Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Technology to ensure highly consistent, quality translations at the lowest possible prices. These technologies empower our professional translators by providing them with the advanced terminology management, translation memory and quality control tools which they need to ensure a translation's continuity even when several translators are working on the same document at once. Computer-Aided Translation also enables clients to achieve real cost and time savings in their translation workflow, especially when documents contain a lot of repetition (e.g. financial reports) or are issued periodically but remain relatively unchanged (e.g. Annual Reports). In these cases the text which has already been translated by Snasta, whether earlier in the document or on a previous project, is used to reduce the price of translation and improve delivery times considerably. Please contact us for further details on CAT pricing or get a CAT quote by uploading the file to be translated to us.

Website, Software, XML Localization and Translation

Snasta provides a comprehensive website software and XML translation/localization service for bodies who want to provide their customers with a bilingual web experience.

Page Layout/DTP

When a document is translated, it is important that the look and feel of the document is preserved in the new version. For many organizations this can mean another costly trip to the original designer, who may not have the linguistic knowledge needed to ensure the translation's overall continuity. To combat this problem, Snasta also provides in-house Page Layout and DTP services to ensure consistency and accuracy of the translated text in its final layout. Make sure to upload/send the original designer's file, in InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc. format and we will send you back that file fully translated and ready to be printed!