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Our team of fully qualified, experienced Irish translators can help you realize your multilingual vision.

We specialize in translating all kinds of documents from English into Irish and vice versa. As we only deal with the Irish language, we ensure that your document is handled by fully qualified Irish translators and Irish speakers at every stage of the translation process; from project management to final proofreading. It is by taking this approach that we avoid the "slip-ups" and "oversights" that so commonly occur with other translation companies.

Official Languages Act

Currently, many Irish Government departments, public bodies and local authorities are evaluating their obligations under the Official Languages Act, 2003. All too often, however, this compliance is complicated due to the difficulty of sourcing a competent, professional and reliable translator who can also offer value for money to the exchequer. At Snasta we can facilitate all aspects of your compliance with the Act, and your organisation's Language Scheme if applicable, including translation of your Annual Reports, policy documents, stationery and signage.

Page Layout/DTP

When a document is translated, it is important that the look and feel of the document is preserved in the new version. For many organizations this can mean another costly trip to the original designer, who may not have the linguistic knowledge needed to ensure the translation's overall continuity. To combat this problem, Snasta also provides in-house Page Layout and DTP services to ensure consistency and accuracy of the translated text in its final layout. Make sure to upload/send the original designer's file, in InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc. format and we will send you back that file fully translated and ready to be printed!

Website Localization

Snasta provides a comprehensive website translation/localization service for bodies who want to provide their customers with a bilingual web experience.